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We are looking to sell our villa located in La Empedrola area.
Does anyone have any recommendations for agents etc? Are there any that have better and quicker success rates than others?!


Acidanthera in Spain

Acidanthera in Spain

Acidanthera is a summer flower so fragrant, exotic-looking and lovely that it defies logic. No rare pearl of great price, this summer bloomer is affordable, readily available and practically idiot-proof to grow. READ MORE


Just passed to me. If you click through watch out phone number is A 902 dear one

From 1st June 2013 it becomes law for anyone wishing to sell or rent their property in Spain to have an Energy Efficiency Certificate (EPC) before marketing begins.

If you do not have one, the sale of your property will not be permitted to complete and, you may be subject to penalisation.

Just as in the UK and the rest of Europe, this is a legal requirement.

For more information or advice please visit:

If this issue does not affect you directly, please pass this information on to friends, family and neighbours who may have their house on the market.

Kind regards



Another season is drawing to a close and in our penultimate match against the Benitachell Jaguars (away ) we expected a really hard game. We only just managed to beat them by seven shots when we played them at home but the Benitachell green is no longer to be feared, like it used to be, and we performed well to run out 8-2 winners ( 74 shots to 61 )

Kate Sayers, Alan Steed and Tony Sayers won 17 – 12
Alan Edwards, Alison Edwards and Enid Duxbury won 20 – 10
Liz Griffiths, Sheila Garnham and Paul Brown lost 13 – 24
Stan Walmsley, Ernie Ritchie and Ray Collom won 24 – 15
Frank Thomas, Geoff Pack and Vi Thomas ( friendly ) lost 12 - 19

Kate´s team were only behind once ( at 1 – 2 after two) and scored regularly, never letting the Jaguars get into their stride. After thirteen ends they had a nice lead at 15 – 8 and, more or less, maintained that until the end. Winning the last put paid to any hopes the Jaguars had of getting something out of the game.

Alan´s team trailed 5 – nil after three ends and they must have thought “here we go again”. But, none of it – with a great run , taking eight of the next ten ends they forged ahead into a 17 – 7 lead. Jaguars got three singles late on but could never recover from that first half pounding. I think Alan must have picked up on the Welsh spirit and resolve from the Milennium Stadium a couple of days before.

Liz, with Sheila and Paul did much better than the card suggests. They won their fair share of ends but when they lost they did it big style ( 3-4-3-4-5). These were all very costly and were the only difference in the teams , though the Jaguars skip Alex Fisher had one of those days where he couldn´t do anything wrong.

Stan´s team shot out of the blocks with a “six” on the first end and maintained that momentum right through the first half to lead 17 – 4. The second half was completely different and the Jaguars came back to trail just 15 – 20 after seventeen ends. They needed five to draw but Ernie and Ray were having none of it this time and kept them out with a “four” for a comfortable win.

Our “friendly” trio – Frank,Geoff and Vi ( you can´t be anything but friendly when you have 260 years between you ) gave as good as they got but losing five ends on the trot in the first half ( 13 shots) cost them the game – a very good effort though !

This last week has also seen us playing Finca Guila ( from Alfaz) for the annual Parfin Cup. In the home leg we did well to fight off a very strong challenge ( particularly from Eddie Mortimer and his team ) and managed to come away with a 20 shot advantage.

Normally this is the sort of lead that Finca Guila would get back on their own green but in the return leg we maintained our recent good form to, not only contain them, but actually beat them by another seven shots to make it 27. A splendid performance and well done to all those who played their hearts out.

See you next week !

(Sponsored by Europa Network S.L.)



(Sponsored by Europa Network S.L. )
Match report for publication w/e Friday 15 March 2013

Three months ago we had one of our best results for years when we went to Javea and beat their Quartz team ten – nil. So how do you explain, that, virtually with the same players we allowed them to get a “white-wash” revenge when they came to us this week. Half way through the match we were six shots up and looking good but fell away to let the Quartz win by 15 shots ( 68 – 83 ).

Alan Edwards, Enid Duxbury and Alison Edwards lost 14 – 17
Liz Griffiths, Frank Thomas and Geoff Pack lost 16 – 20
Kate Sayers, Vi Thomas and Alan Steed lost 15 – 22
Stan Walmsley, Paul Brown and Sheila Garnham lost 23 – 24

In all four games we were in a winning position then blew it, for one reason or another.

Alan´s team led at the half-way stage but fell behind over the next seven ends and in spite of winning the last two ends just couldn´t close the gap.

Liz´s team started well and were level at half-time. An excellent “five” on the twelfth end put them six in front but Quartz came back with a “five” of their own and then some. Winning the last end was small consolation.

Kate´s team had a very bad start to trail nine – nil after six ends but patiently clawed their way back to level at 11 – all after thirteen ends. Quartz replied with two “fours” and a “three” and it was all over in spite of us taking the last two ends.

The prize for the biggest “give-away” went to Stan´s team. In spite of Shirley Payne leading well for Quartz we bettered that and led 18 – 3 after eight ends – victory just seemed a matter of course. That´s when bowls kicks you in the teeth and Quartz got them all back , and some. Again, winning the last end was scant consolation.

In the Friendship Cup second leg at Benitachell it was also a case of nearly – but not quite enough ! Taking a lead of 20 shots from the home leg we thought we might stand a chance but, as has so often been the case in these matches, B.B.C. managed to retain the trophy by a mere five shots – they beat us by 25 – but there´s always next year.

Our Club competitions have reached the final stages and in the Haggett Cup final Ernie Ritchie beat Paul Brown 21 – 12. Ernie set off like a house on fire but the tension got to him when he led 20 -7 . Paul took advantage of this and took three ends to make it 20 – 12 before Ernie got over the line. Ernie also wins the Mens Singles competition due to the unfortunate absence of Ted Campbell who is injured and unable to play in the final. Congratulations to Ernie and best wishes to Ted for a speedy recovery.

In the Ladies Singles final Liz Griffiths came from behind to claim the title from Glenda
Rowe. The game could have gone either way and the lead changed hands several times but Liz seemed to play all the big shots, continually coming in for shot with her last wood when Glenda was holding twos and threes. A pity really that there had to be a loser !

In a busy week we also held our Open Mixed Triples competition and, as usual ,it was a very close finish. With one game to play the Javea trio of Alan Phillips,Jan Brown and Lynne Eldon were nine points clear but in the last round Bill Young,June Young and Ronnie Cairns from Monte Mar managed to accumulate ten points to pip them at the post. It was , perhaps, fitting for Bill and his team to win this year – he has been supporting the event for many years, travelling up from the deep South without success in the past, so it was well deserved.

See you next week !


Property rental in Spain


Does anybody knows what are the legal steps to be able to rent your property in Spain? Any idea of the cost?



Internet ADSL in Costa Blanca


Can anybody recommend an Internet ADSL provider on Costa Blanca (Calpe)? I currently don't have a land line (and not really interested in having one). I am looking for a reliable and cheap Internet provider.




She was standing in the kitchen, preparing our usual soft boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, wearing only The 'T' shirt that she normally slept in.

As I walked in, almost awake, she turned to me and said softly,
“You’ve got to make love to me this very moment!"

My eyes lit up and I thought, "I am either still dreaming or this is going to be my lucky day!" Not wanting to lose the moment, I embraced her and then Gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table.

Afterwards she said, "Thanks," and returned to the stove.

Happy, but a little puzzled, I asked, "What was that all about?"

She explained, "The egg timer's broken."


Stunning Villa in Calpe | 4-bed 3-bath Villa - Canuta De Ifache (Calpe)

On the Rentals page Stunning Villa in Calpe
4-bed 3-bath Villa
Canuta De Ifache (Calpe)

The owner has had a problem uploading photos the clue is to follow the edit button, at the bottom of the pages,you then eventually you will reach a part that mentions photos. If you still have a problem email me at info AT Send to Ian


Phoney doctor fooled them all

Fake doctor facing charges Fake doctor facing charges

STAFF at Denia hospital and Calpe health centre have been left reeling after having a real-life Catch Me If You Can style fake doctor in their midst.

Victor Yuste was well-regarded during his five years as a houseman at Denia hospital. But, just as in the 2002 Holywood film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, all was not as it seemed.

At Calpe’s health centre where he was currently employed, he was considered not just a colleague “but a good colleague,” sources said. In the movie DiCaprio’s character successfully held a string of jobs using fake qualifications, including that of a doctor.

Yuste was recently arrested in Murcia when his diplomas were found to be fakes after he applied to register at the College of Physicians.

Yuste, aged 42, had never been enrolled at any university and had no qualifications.

It also emerged that the personnel department at Marina Salud, which runs the Marina Alta’s health service, was unaware of Yuste’s unsavoury past. The would-be doctor faced prosecution for allegedly concealing cameras in the women’s washrooms at Castellon General Hospital where he worked between 2009 and 2011.

Yuste was able to keep up the pretence for so long, sources revealed, because of his “willingness to learn” and the accuracy of his diagnoses.

He now faces charges of practising medicine without qualifications, fraud, forgery and money-laundering.

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